Apple Stores to stock 12-inch MacBook at end of May



The recently released 12-inch MacBook will be on sale around the world from the Apple Store starting the week of May 25, according to a note from Apple for sales personnel issued a couple days ago. Currently the sale is limited only through the online Apple Store.

This has caused sales of this equipment have not been as high as expected because it has not been available in stores in standard configurations and other equipment. Anyway it seems that the first batch of equipment will not be sufficient to cover demand

New Macbook render 830×449 The new MacBook will be available in the Apple Store within a few weeks
While Apple hopes to make available to users the latest MacBooks in their stores in late May, the company has also told employees that quantities are limited and will be available in selected stores that Apple has in the US , Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Spain and Sweden.

In some stores computer drives have not been available, this case is particularly noticeable for example in Turkey, where they have not even had units exposed in stores face to customers and that they could test the new laptop. Apple also tells employees that this will change by the end of next week as Angela Ahrendts has advised the staff that Apple is trying to fill the maximum number of units to stores in June.

On the other hand Apple Watch was launched along with the 12-inch MacBook, still available exclusively through the online Apple Store due to supply problems. It is expected that Apple Watch will be available for purchase directly through Apple stores byJune …

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