There is nothing surprising in the fact that large companies are luring each other employees – this is just business and nothing more. So, Apple is now pulling people from everywhere, where you can, whether it’s Fashion-industry, music and even experienced journalists actively lured into this company. With all of the resources, as well as a special atmosphere inside, few can resist such initiatives the company from Cupertino, except that Tesla manages to entice her employees. Although sometimes fraud in the labor market are expensive. In this case, Apple received a subpoena for poaching five key staff from A123 Systems.

This company is engaged in the development and implementation of new technologies in the field of batteries, namely batteries. Inside it has a particularly important and secret unit System Venture Technologies Division, which also generates the most useful ideas, but now it actually turned out to be “beheaded”.

So, in June last year System Venture Technologies Division under strange circumstances CTO Muzhib Iyaz left. It was a serious but not critical blow to the company. As it turned out, comrade went not just so, and immediately went to Apple. Well, in the last month there was a complete collapse, when expressed a desire to leave immediately by four people: Don Dafoy, Michael Erickson, Depen Wang and Indazhit Troat.

In fact, it is the backbone of the team, without which the project would bring the current technical A123 Systems was impossible. The company was unable to find a replacement, the work arose, and then guide A123 Systems has gone to court, accusing Apple as fraudulent luring people and former employees that they violated the terms of the contract. Also one of the reasons in the indictment was the discovery on company computers former employees mail correspondence with headhunters from Apple.

By “the press”,  Apple hits not only A123 Systems, and other technology companies involved in the development of battery technology. So the developer has managed to lure iPhone related professionals from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba and Johnson Controls. In addition, according to the source, now Apple is trying to hire employees from SiNode Systems, and this is one of the sponsors of the technologies being developed in A123 Systems.

Returning to the criminal charges, it is worth noting that the company has suffered not only requires financial compensation, but also ban its former employees during the five years to work in technology

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