Apple Sues Samsung in Germany Again, No One Is Surprised


In a transfer that startles no person at this level, Apple have sued Samsung for patent infringement in a court docket in Dusseldorf. The go well with names ten Samsung good telephones, largely within the Galaxy line, together with the Galaxy SII and the Galaxy S Plus.


The same court heard Apple’s earlier suits. They originally found that Samsung had infringed on Apple’s patents by releasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, blocking the tablet for sale in Germany before Samsung released the Tab 10.1N, which was designed to address those infringement concerns. Apple, of course, has since sued over the new tablet.


Samsung hasn’t been idle either. Just last month, they sued Apple in a German court over emoticon input method and three other alleged patent infringements. The two companies have also sued one another in other European countries as well as Australia.

Overall, the suits rarely succeed but both feel they must continue to file them in an effort to hinder their rival. If anything comes of this latest suit, we’ll certainly let you know – but don’t hold your breath. And don’t be too surprised when the next one comes either!

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