Apple Suggests Water Rinse to Fix ‘Sticky’ Digital Crown



In almost every new Apple product problems come on at individual users – to the infamous “X-Gate” are sometimes -Fällen. Currently come to complain of not engaging bracelets and daubed Digital Crowns.

Already a few days ago to owners of Apple Watch with stainless steel case complained about scratches that could be seen after a short time. Until now, the excitement keeps still within limits, so that no “Scratch Gate” has developed.

The new problems should not be severe enough to cause massive negative press can – so that no “Lock Gate” (or rather: “Emergency Lock Gate”) or “Sticky Gate” is likely to be in the run-up.

Mac Rumors shows a video of a user’s own forum, which Apple Watch does not work correctly with stainless steel housing with the supplied strap: The strap does not lock in the housing, so that the watch can not secure on your wrist. Apple has, according to the user now replaced the Watch; if it were a manufacturing defect.

Other users have again a problem with the “Digital Crown”, the scroll wheel on the side of Apple Watch. Sometimes the Crown does not rotate or has difficulties further leave, sometimes the unit detects the input also not right. Some users speculate that sweat that has occurred in the opening of the wheel, a “gluing” makes.

There is a support document from Apple, alleging a sticking of the Crown by dirt or dust possible. Users should then hold the Crown for 10-15 seconds under running water and rotate it. Then you should dry the device. For some users, this method seems to help.


Some people have their Apple Watch again brought into an Apple Store – and do not undergo by the staff that their case was not normal. Here also can be possible replacement.

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