Apple SVP Phil Schiller Once Again After Android



Phil Schiller vice president of Apple marketing  told the Wall Street Journal in a direct way that Android is not as transparent as you might think. It gives the impression of going on the offensive against different Android operating systems which are not always the same especially as mobile and often older versions.

He added that “the Android experience is not as good as an iPhone,” “Android devices and the operating system does not work seamlessly together.” His observations are based on the fact that there are different mobile manufacturers on Android, unlike Apple that it deals with the iOS and its hardware devices. In addition, “when you take an Android device straight out of the box, you must register to nine accounts with different providers to begin the experiment, unlike iOS all comes together,” he said.


Phil Schiller know that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a strong competitor to the iPhone, but even more with the new Galaxy S IV: “There will probably be an improbable quantity of drive on Apple with the discharge of the Galaxy S IV.”

Apple could really feel the wind and switch that his followers desire a new “actual” expertise too. Then we will be able to see what it has to supply us.

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