some builders do extra than simply checking out ios betas firmware by means of serving to non-registered builders account to prompt their UDID  so as to use the iOS betas. It’s beneficial industry: paying $ninety nine membership per yr and allowing them to set up beta softwares, violate Apple's builders settlement.


These developers are being taken down by Apple, according to information collected by MacStories. Since last June, One of them earned $75,000 by activating 1900 unathorized devices to test iOS beta 6 firmwares. Apple submitted complaints to the hosting providers of these websites, relying on the U.S. Copyright
DMCA Law .

Your iOS Developer Program membership can be terminated if you providence pre-release Apple Software to anyone other than employees, contractors, and members of your organization who are registered as Apple Developers and have a demonstrable need to know or use Apple Software in order to developement and test applications on your Behalf. Unauthorized distribution or Apple Confidential Information (including pre-release Apple Software) is Prohibited and may subject you to Both civil and criminal liability.

Another iOS beta dealer says that all the fuss arose after an article was published in WIRED last month , titled Want iOS 6? No Problem: Buy It Now From a Scofflaw Developer. Apple would have therefore realized the extent of the problem, and decided to take action against by terminating access to developers that sell UDIDs. When iOS 5 beta became available last summer, Apple also undertook all the action neccessary in order to prevent pre-released software on a limited scale. This time the traders seem to have a firmer approach.

For a small developer, unauthorized activations are a lucrative business that’s likely worth the risks. UDID Activation publishes their order queue on their official site, which shows more than 2,300 devices activated in the last week alone.

At $8.99 for each activation, that’s more than $20,600 in revenue, with $2,277 paid to Apple for the 23 developer accounts.

For developers, it is a disadvantage that ordinary users can have access to iOS betas. They pollute the App Store with 1-star reviews where they complain that some apps do not work anymore. While iOS betas are typically designed for developers to test their apps compatible with the new firmware. Whether or not by paying a small fee of $10, many users that install iOS 6 beta on their devices.


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