Apple television concept with a curved screen display


Apple-TV-gold-10Martin Hajek highlights an Apple TV as he imagined . The designer , already author of many concepts, is based on two aspects to which Apple really seems to be turning : a gold color like the iPhone 5s and a model with curved screen . This rumor has been announced for the iPhone 6 , it could also be true and plausible for Apple TV .

Apple-TV-gold-2 Apple-TV-gold-6

Samsung and LG respectively offer their TV with curved screen . The idea behind the curved screen for the spectators . According to LG , ” the entire surface of the screen is equidistant from the eyes of the viewer , which eliminates the problems of visual distortion screen edge and the loss of detail .” Cinemas already adopted this system to provide comfort no matter where one stands . The idea is to bring the system to the TV which might be interesting to Apple.
For now, Apple TV is in ” standby ” if we’re to consider some commercials (learn: Apple put a precedence on his watch relatively than the TV ) . It might take as a minimum the 2nd quarter of 2014 ahead of seeing the product in particular person. Within the intervening time, it’s going to wait with the ideas of the day. The whole gallery can also be discovered on the portfolio of Martin Hajek .

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