Apple Television Not To Be Released Until 2013, Says Research Group


Tim Cook dinner has completed this 12 months's iPad experience and accordingly presumably anticipated some excessive-category merchandise. Apple does now not recognize, you sleep frequently and seeking to carry new improvements to market. Subsequent, most probably the brand new MacBook Pro models will be presented to the public and adjacent to the next generation iPhone is already available for some time an Apple TV in the room. 

The recent months have repeatedly led to new speculations and rumors about a so-called compacts the Apple iTV continues.

We continue to view Apple as a hardware-TV event 2013th

The timing of Hon Hai / Foxconn 's equity stake and partnership with Sharp along with Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou's 46.5% investment in a separate Sharp's Sakai City is planning lends further credibility that Apple TV is in the works. This also follows reports that Apple is investing $ 1.3bn in equipment ~ destined for Sharp facilities.


Now we have  new information from analysts appeared to be related, among other things, on the launch. According to the TV from Apple this year is no longer on the market, but apparently only in 2013. In addition, there was speculation not only about the publication period, but now will also be known who produce the TV and draw up the appropriate Displayplanels.

The display is said to produce the Japanese company Sharp, as everyone knows, Apple has invested in a new factory of Sharp, and thus apparently backed the production. But not only Apple is working with Sharp, but Foxconn. This suggests that arise from the collaboration between Sharp and Foxconn, a new Apple TV. In any case, the investments make sense and Apple will continue to work closely with businesses to achieve the quality standards.


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