Apple will begin the porduction of Apple tv in Could or June and the centered value is about to $699, on hand by using the top of the yr. There may be so much to are expecting in 2012 "a transparent allusion to the nice improvements which can be anticipated to convey us Apple over this yr, how new vary of Macbook ?

Peter Misek printed that there’s clear proof that Apple is beginning to provide components necessary for creating a television, such as filters, polarizing films, IZGO components, etc.




Evidence of commercial iTV production is starting: we believe specialty components have begun to ship to Apple's Asia panel suppliers with polarized films, filters, and IGZO components starting to move in small quantities. We expect commercial production in May/ June with 2M to 5M builds likely. We still expect a CQ4 launch.

 In his predictions says that is expected to start production is between the months of May or June and it is estimated that the first quantities of iTV to be manufactured are between 2 million and 5 million units .To conclude the analysis, Peter Misek says that the date of launch , meeting schedule of other products, would be the end of 2012 coinciding with the 4th quarter, ie between the months of October through December.

Prestigious site asBusiness Insider and 9to5mac have echoed these predictions, which are worth taking into account bearing in mind the source from which they come. As always, we are just rumors but sure that they have much chance of being true.


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