After  Apple met with suppliers in China and Taiwan analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital companies have every confidence that the U.S. company will release a TV under its own brand by the end of 2013. Included with the device is said to be supplied wireless controller in the form of a ring that allows you to remotely control a TV set.

Apple’s plans to release HDTV-TV, which often appears in the media as iTV, say for years. It is expected that the size of the screen in the first models of “apple” TV will be from 32 to 37 inches, and resolution – Ultra HD (3840 × 2160). White says that the original TV Apple “forever revolutionize the television industry.”

According to insiders, iTV could become a sort of “iMac for the living room.” Rumors from different sources attribute to him the same I-O Data I / O and design combining aluminum frame and glass, as the computer-in-One. They promised to support the device and video calls FaceTime, as well as voice control technology Siri. However, information about the ring on my finger for the remote control first appeared.


In step with White, the ring «iRing» will probably be used to keep an eye on the TV via shifting your finger within the air. It could actually become aware of motion and can change some features of an ordinary faraway regulate. The concept that of the sort of software in 2007, offered the American dressmaker Victor Soto.

ITV will likely be bought to an extra display “mini iTV” diagonal of 9.7, as in a full-sized iPad, provides White. Compact show, harking back to the pill kind, will broadcast in streaming mode, the image from the primary monitor in a radius of 200 meters. In keeping with the analyst, the consumer can take the system with you, such because the kitchen or storage.

Recollect that in a latest interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook dinner hinted for the primary time the corporate plans to make your TV. “Once I go into the lounge and activate the TV, I believe like going again to the earlier 20-30 years. This house is of serious hobby. I will no longer say extra, “- he mentioned in December final yr.

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