Apple Testing Siri on other iDevices?


Apple is at the moment trying out Siri iPhone four with a construct unique iOS 5 reserved for firm engineers . In accordance Jailbreaknation - citing a source close to Apple – the Apple still intends to leave the wizard voice on your iPhone 4. AppAdvice outbid information – also citing a source – indicating that only a few engineers had the privilege of such a test. In addition, they were allowed to test Siri off campus in Cupertino. 


But this test is now finished. Apple has also benefited the wizard to remove vocal iPhone 4 involved so there are no leaks.

Also according AppAdvice seems to be confident, the tests have gone very well in terms of performance . Siri would also tested on the iPod touch 4 but the result is less satisfactory, the fault of the player to the microphone that n is not as good as the iPhone. In the end, Siri could not land on this unit.

If the information is intended as true, it's a marathon that will be implemented. Originally, Siri is new – if not the main – the iPhone 4S, released last month. The output of a previous generation would lead Apple to put a bullet in the foot. iOS 5.1 will he Siri on the fourth-generation smartphone from Apple? Remember, hackers have managed to successfully bring it


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