Apple is testing the iPad 3 HD Screens Display and Resolution From LG and Samsung


Apple is trying out monitors from LG and Samsung that is intended for the iPad 3. These screens Display with HD and higher resolution. Apple would have to both Samsung and LG have asked for a screen to produce a new generation of tablets. It would be screens with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The current iPad  has a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. Apple, according to other sources in any case have required that number of pixels per inch is increased from 132 now to over 280 for the iPad 3.


Apple testing the screens according to the sources right now and is holding discussions with both LG and Samsung on a possible contract. Testing would be in the third quarter of 2011 should be completed.
Samsung enters the command or drag is also still very questionable, despite the potential quality of the screen. Apple and Samsung are in fact engaged in a patent battle of smartphones and tablets.t should not be too difficult for them, even if the technology exists LG, producing a slightly smaller screen (9.7 “) for the iPad 3. Completing the data that has come to light, the report says the new features of iPad 3 would support QXGA and a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels with a 4:3 ratio would allow Full HD reaching a density of 280 dpi pixels . The prototypes would be tested in a laboratory and Apple has in China.

It seems clear therefore that Apple is moving away from the OLED technology for its next batch of tablets given that this type of display still does not ensure the quality standards required by the company on the block. Remains to be seen whether this Retinal Display now be integrated into a single product.

This also shows that Apple is not interested in using OLED screens. The reason is, according to The Korea Times that OLED screens: “Shorter life spans have and are Easily Contaminated“. In addition, OLED displays have not sufficiently developed to achieve a full HD experience.

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