Apple Checking out The iPhone On a three.ninety five-Inch Monitor Show, 1136 x 640 decision


Apple may on the time an iPhone with a three.ninety five-inch reveal exams. The sources advised 9to5Mac . The new iPhone has a higher resolution of 1136 by 640 pixels. which would mean that the screen is as wide as previous iPhones and that he grows. 

At the time there were two prototypes of Apple's headquarters are located, known as iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 5.2. 
They also carry the code names and N41AP N42AP.

 “Apple will be bringing these dock connectors to all of their iOS devices over time, and it is note exactly a “pill-shape” as rumored. It’s basically a much narrower version of the current squared off (on the corners) dock connector. It is between the size of a Micro-USB and Mini-USB connector.”

The larger display makes the new iPhone as wide and 8.76 inches long. The new screen size would ensure that the ratio is very close to 16:9, and makes widescreen videos can be played without black bars.

According to 9to5Mac Apple's source tested at the time a version of iOS 6 which is optimized for higher resolution screen display. This would be an extra row of app icons on the Home screen and displays the interface of an app more time. This idea came earlier still pass in a concept where a designer showed how how apps might look on a wider screen. 

The prototypes were just a home button, but also a smaller dock connector. This connector was recently iLounge rumorsAccording to 9to5Mac rumor, the new iPhone will have a different dock than its predecessors, however, it will be similar to a “pill-shape”, but simply  more narrow than the current connection port.

We have long heard rumors about an iPhone with a 4-inch screen. So the mostly reliable sources told The Wall Street Journal that Apple might still introduce a larger screenEarlier today, it was revealed that Sony is working on in-cell screens for Apple new iPhone to be thinner.


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