Apple To Abandon The iPad Mini



The company confirms that Apple intends to abandon the iPad mini that was the star of its category. A tablet that four or five years made sense but that in the current reality of size of mobile devices has become old and unnecessary…even though many users are still fans of the 7.9-inch tablet. The iPad mini days are numbered

BGR says, citing sources close to the company. Although it is not known when Apple will announce the stop the iPad mini, it has been confirmed that it will be sooner rather than later.

Launched in October 2012, the iPad mini was a revolution especially since Steve Jobs had made clear his opposition to a tablet with the smallest screen. With a 9.7-inch thick and heavy iPad at that time many came to this iPad much lighter. But the arrival of new iPad thinner and lighter, and especially the new iPhone Plus size of 5.5 inches left the small iPad in a situation of disadvantage that has been increased by the shortage of relevant updates of the last generations, even more When it is now even more expensive than the iPad 2017.

Right now, we have a unique model of iPad mini 128GB that in its WiFi mode is priced at $399 and in its LTE mode with data connectivity is priced at $549. If you are one of those who was expecting an update of this tablet in the next WWDC in June 2017, it’s not happening Although with Apple you never know.

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