Apple is again planning a smaller Acquisition – “small” because it is not a new three-billion-dollar deal in the style of beats takeover. Nevertheless, the Cupertino company wants to pay up to $30 millionis for the audio-streaming startup Swell ,  reports Re / code citing several unnamed sources.

Swell is a podcast and talk radio app  that offers users transfer on the basis of their preferences. Apple representatives did not directly comment on the acquisition, saying only that the company “buys smaller technology companies from time to time, but does not discuss goals and plans.” It is assumed that Apple will  use Swell development to empower iTunes Radio streaming service and the app will improve recommendation features.

Last week, the Californian giant purchased as it became known BookLamp, which is an advisory service that offers e users a book based preferences. Apple has made six acquisitions in the last six months, and 29 since the beginning of 2013, said the CEO Tim Cook during a recent conference call.

Swell had indeed in the past can not place a huge success in terms of numbers of users, but it seemed the app simple and solid to work – even while driving. Apple’s own podcast app, however, accumulated in the official App Store diligently negative reviews and achieved in Germany 2.5 out of 5 stars, in the U.S. it is enough just for 1.5 points.



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