According to South Korean BusinessKorea, Apple is planning to use flexible OLED screens in future iPhone. OLED technology for saving screens, is based on organic screens light emitting diodes are turned on individually, unlike traditional LCD which are energy. In OLED displays, the diodes placed on a film of organic compound acting as the electroluminescent emitting layer which emits light in response to an electric current.

Major Korean display manufacturers are trying to convince Apple to include flexible displays in the future iPhones and one of them says that the Cupertino are seriously interested in doing so. Will we see soon? Nobody believes it.

Another difference between OLED and LCD is the saturation of colors. OLED displays showing brighter colors, something that worries many iPhone users, among whom I include myself. OLED screens I have seen many times and feel that the color “burns my retinas”; notice a color too strong. The Retina Apple, for me, screens have a more faithful and pleasing colors.

Once all equipment (Apple and its suppliers) get enough experience to add screens that can be folded, the next step can only be included in the following iPhones. The question is in how they would use these screens. They can make a device to bend or simply use these screens in a rigid device as was used in the Apple Watch, wearable already uses flexible OLED screens.

When do you reach these screens? The most optimistic forecasts speak of 2018, year in which the iPhone is expected to be submitted 8. If they do something special with flexible displays and another rumor says that Apple will include the Touch ID on the screen, the iPhone meets 8 a device can be nothing short of heavenly. Because we must not forget that everything will evolve over the years.

A Japanese newspaper also revealed in January that Foxconn (the leading manufacturer of Apple) had invested 2,600 million dollars in a plant which is devoted exclusively to manufacture OLED flexible displays. “Where there’s smoke …”.

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