Apple to Add the Multi-User Accounts For the iPad


Many iPad house owners use their instrument by myself, however to "share" it with different relations or roommates. Handiest offended that the Apple Pill, in contrast to Macs, now not more than one consumer debts. Apple will have to have identified the issue, alternatively, and are engaged on an answer.

A developer who is about the lack of 
multi-user support, angered reported about Apple's bug report system with an appropriate proposal for the iPad manufacturer. According to Apple Insider , he actually got a reply from Cupertino.

Apple has "studied" the proposal and determined that it is a "known problem" is. The Apple developer would deal with the issue. This is apparently a standard text for error messages. So far, Apple and they responded to appropriate development proposals before.

Multiple user accounts would allow, for example, that various persons on the same iPad configure the built-in iOS mail app for their own e-mail account. They could also so private data stored on the device or keep their own settings for individual apps. A corresponding solution is already in the form of software iUsers - but only for iPads with the jailbreak

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