The stock market is looking forward to the 27 January. On this day Apple released the results of the first fiscal quarter of 2015. Not only Apple expects an increase in sales compared to last year.

Another record result of Apple expected numbers follow at 27.01.
At Apple, the new year started on 1 October 2014. For the past three months, the manufacturer will publish its quarterly report on 27 January 2015. As always followed by an open-access live audio stream. In addition to presenting the pure numerical work to face the Apple superiors in the issues of the switched journalists.

A year earlier, Apple posted revenue of 57.6 billion US dollars. For the first quarter of 2015 is expected to increase again this outcome – itself one expects sales from 63.5 to 66.5 billion US dollars, so the manufacturer at the time of publication of the final quarter figures for October 2014th

Experience has shown that the first fiscal quarter, Apple and other competitors one with the highest revenues. After all, the lucrative Christmas market falls into this time. In particular, the iPhone 6 is expected to provide offered from Cupertino still for sustained yields. One indication is the increase number of the iPhone activation over the Christmas season.

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