Apple to Announce New iPhone June 28-July 2?


WWDC event, for the last two years has been home to new iPhone (hardware + software)

AppleInsider has noticed that
The Moscone Center Calendar lists a “Corporate Event” from June 28, 2010 through July 2, 2010 in the Moscone West hall. Previous Apple events have been reserved with the same title.

The original iPhone was released on June 29, 2007 and required an exclusive contract with carrier AT&T. It has since been rumored that this contract with AT&T could expire in 2010. If WWDC 2010 does take place on June 28, 2010, Apple might use the event to announce an additional carrier for the US.

There was also a report from PinchMedia Analytics in which developer Pandav of iBart (a public transportation guide for the San Francisco train system) had a very pleasant surprise to learn. His app was installed and used on a device that identified itself as “iPhone 3,1″. It may be noted that exactly in the same time frame last year, Apple was discovered testing its iPhone 3GS (which is now identified as “iPhone 2,1”) in the San Francisco Bay area.

All these rumors are surely hinting towards a possible summer 2010 release of the next-gen iPhone at WWDC 2010.



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