Apple To Announce ‘Smart Home’ For iOS At WWDC



While we are expecting the announcement of the new iPhone and iOS 8 at this year’s WWDC, Apple will introduce a new software platform that will turn iPhone into a remote control solution f light, security system and other components of “smart home” . reports The Financial Times , citing its own sources . Apple’s decision to allow the market to combine existing components into a single ecosystem.

” Integrated Apple simplify configuration and management of ” smart ” home with the help of mobile devices. For example, in a room can automatically turn on the light when the owner with the iPhone enters the room . Platform features are described in detail in one of the patents Apple “, – the newspaper writes.

With the iPhone , users can control the sound , include a fireplace, TV on the desired channel , change the brightness of the light bulbs , and even mute the blinds. The settings will be stored under certain conditions. Interaction between devices will occur over the wireless network , but it is not known exactly what the device will unite all the others. Given the recent rumors , it may all be integrated into the next generation of Apple TV .

It is assumed that Apple would create a separate standard for  “smart” homes components and manufacturers of such decisions should receive a certificate of conformity MFI (“Made for iPhone”).

Presentation of new items will be held at the WWDC 2014 on June 2 in San Francisco. In addition to the “smart” home platform  to be introduced at the event, Apple will debut the iOS 8 firmware , OS X 10.10 and lower-priced iMac.

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