Apple to become top smartphone vendor in China



It’s almost hard to believe. Among the record sales of which we have spoken in recent days, the expectation that generates one of their devices hit the market and the state have much time at the top of the food chain from Chinese manufacturers.

As we can see, a study conducted by the firm Canalys has concluded that the popularity of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus iPhone in the Asian giant has turned Apple into the most important within the borders of China. As we mentioned yesterday, this phenomenon may be occurring not only in China, but worldwide.

For this to be decisive, new screen sizes of the iPhone have been crucial when Xiaomi unseat its leadership position and measured with other Chinese manufacturers also produce large format screens.

Given the current trend of selling smartphones in China that mainly 4G LTE connectivity and the aforementioned large screens is valued, the study said Canalys Apple would be over Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei in number of units placed. This is basically surprising about the high prices, much higher than the cost of a Xiaomi Mi 4, for instance Apple devices.

Previously, Samsung had already ceded the lead from Xiaomi during the second quarter last year. Right now the Koreans are still struggling to come near the top places while Apple is gaining momentum, but Xiaomi will be a tough competitor for the Cupertino in China, especially with the Xiaomi Mi , Mi Note and Xiaomi Note Pro as main assets for this year.

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