Apple may have big plans for the earphones you get with the iPhoneAn Apple patent describes how to attach various parts together using ultrasonic welding, making it seem like they are made of a material. This would look nicer earbuds look like.


According to Apple earbuds and headphones contain many materials that should be attached to each other. The way this is done now, ensures that the end result is not aesthetically. Ultrasonic welding would solve by parts using this method to confirm each other, it is very difficult to see the seam between the two. This seems like two different parts are made ​​from the same piece of material.

This is not the first time we read about ultrasonic welding in a patent. In March, we discovered that Apple plastic and metal with this method to confirm each other , to ensure that the iPhone firmly put together. It is therefore not unexpected that Apple has a patent for a similar idea for headphones and earphones has been submitted.

It is not yet clear if or when Apple will do something with this idea. The patent was filed on May 13, 2011 all at the patent office in the United States, but has only just made public.[ via Apple Insider]


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