Acquisition of Apple firm AuthenTec, for which the cupertino company posted $356 million was executed in record time and was so unexpected that everyone immediately became visible haste with this transaction. Now, thanks to The Next Web resource, some reasons for this haste have became known.

Relying on AuthenTec report, presented the commission with the Securities and Exchange Commission immediately after making a deal with Apple, The Next Web said that Apple was one of the few who are interested in the latest developments in the field of AuthenTec to create various "smart" sensors.

Some of these developments were fingerprint sensors and chips NFC – has learned from a report by AuthenTec, Apple wanted to use these developments in their devices as soon as possible. Thus, kupertinovtsam abandoned the auction to acquire the company and made a direct offer to the board AuthenTec, from which, as we know, they cou
ld not refuse.

Interestingly, under the terms of the purchase AuthenTec into the hands of Apple, including moving and all rights to patents of the company, which kupertinovtsam can not only free to use, but also licensed to other companies.

By the way, technology, AuthenTec interested amsung, which now will probably have to license them from the hated Apple, maybe interest of Koreans might also became a factor in speeding up the process of acquiring the company.

As you can see, Apple's technology AuthenTec were (and probably still are) very important, perhaps in the new iPhone will chip NFC, the production of the company, but how kupertinovtsam decide to use fingerprint sensors (in addition to the possibility of unlocking the iPhone
with their help) remains a mystery .


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