A really unexpected news that arrived in these hours. It seems in fact that Apple is very close to the acquisition of Shazam, the well-known music recognition service.

The app can identify song names, music, ads, or even tracks, and then show details about them and places where they are available, such as Apple Music or SpotPay.

The agreement would be close to now as revealed by TechCrunch and could even arrive in the next week. The figures on which this agreement is around are estimated at around 400 million dollars against a big discount received from Cupertino; the initial requests have touched the billion dollars!

The two companies, Apple and Shazam, have long been close, application algorithms are used within Siri to identify songs by asking about the name of the song.

Around the situation at the moment is the strictest press silence both by the leaders of Shazam and Apple itself.

Shazam at the moment is certainly the most widely used method of music recognition in the world and any acquisition by Apple would represent for Cupertino a significant growth in terms of image as well as functional terms for its operating system.

To complement those reports, some pointed out that Chazam started virtual reality testing (AR), which prompted Apple to acquire it. It was also reported that Snap Inc, the developer of Snape Chat, also made its own offer earlier.

It is still unclear how this acquisition will also affect Shazam’s agreements with other brands such as Spotify or Snapchat; all that remains is to follow the evolution of the situation with great anticipation.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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