Apple To Charge for Cloud Music Service


In keeping with CNET, Apple to charge for its online music service that they are going to launch soon. CNET thinks that Apple will offer the service is initially free to many users as possible to attract. But then pulled the purse, the music labels and pay for the service to keep running.


Don’t expect Apple’s cloud-music service to come free of charge, at least not forever.

Apple plans to eventually charge for its cloud music service, sources told CNET. Users would be able to store their digital media on the company’s servers.

Music industry insiders told me that Apple has indicated it could offer the service free of charge initially but that company will eventually require a fee. Google is also expected to charge for a similar service.

According to previous rumors, gives the impression that it was about $20 per year might be. Incidentally, it is expected that Google also plans to charge for the music service that they are developing, but with talks about $ 25 per year. With Apple's online music service lets you store your digital music files online, so you can play on Internet-connected devices.

Earlier there were rumors that Apple is working on a new version of MobileMe , with online music functions, location and social networking features. It was repeatedly suggested that while Apple's MobileMe goes free, in particular a number of basic functions such as synchronizing data. An indication that changes are to come, that includes boxes with MobileMe subscriptions no longer in the Apple stores are. You can still try a free 60-day open account.

The latest news is that Apple is working to conclude agreements with music labels, while arch-rival Google does not succeed. Apple would meanwhile have signed deals with two of the four major music labels, chief executive Eddy Cue recently in New York would have been to the remaining contracts to sign.

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