In a week, we are about to meet the new MacBook Pro. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has become utter about it, remember that he was a party who claimed for months that we would see a renewal of the MacBook Pro range between September and October.

Now it has been responsible for disseminating information about the following year, one of the novelties is that Apple would consider reducing equipment prices as well as a renewal of hardware, where you could consider increasing from 16GB to 32 GB as part of the configuration MacBook Pro.

Kuo’s report notes that Apple offered a “premium” MacBook Pro, which effects the market price would drop like any other product. This could ensure that Apple would lower their prices during the second half of 2017, would be in the summertime and that could coincide with the return to school, a time when many users take the opportunity to renew their equipment.

In addition a prediction, which indicates that the market for USB-C devices will mature and the use of the Touch Bar is targeted. All this could match users feel more attracted.


Talking about the specifications, Kuo says that Apple will release an update of the range in the second half of 2017, including support for 32 GB of RAM. Everything will depend on whether Intel launches its Canonlake processors, so the MacBook Pro 2017 could benefit in hardware.

If 32 GB of RAM consumes more battery power, how will Apple keep that stable consumption?

Ming-Chi Kuo explains that the Canon-lake Intel processor consumes between 15% and 25% less power than existing processors. Therefore, this saving admits that additional RAM is included. If these processors are not in time for the second half of 2017, Apple could opt to adopt Coffee Lake processors, closing the possibility of having 32 GB of RAM.

We will see the impact of here at the end of the year with the new MacBook Pro 2016, as sales may not be those expected after hearing this report Kuo Ming-Chi. Many users could be expected to buy this team, but I repeat, have to wait especially the impact they may have new technical specifications starting with the new Touch Bar.

Following this announcement, do you expect me to 2017 to buy a new MacBook Pro? Share your opinions in our comment box.

(Source: MacRumors)

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