The Apple new app was introduced in iOS 9 from editorial-picked by the team. Accessible only by the US, one of them reported that once the Chinese border, the application displays a message that the content is not compatible with the area.

According to the New York Times, Apple has confirmed off the record that this censorship is occurring and is made in China not work anything relating to news Apple News. According to the New York daily a source close to the situation which has been given confirmation. “It’s one of the most recent evidence of the difficulties faced by international organizations to deal with the strict rules concerning the media in China and freedom of expression companies”

It is also reported on the fact that customers who have already downloaded the application to record their devices in the United States or any other country other than China can view the contents provided they are not in the communist country, but as step Chinese soil, this content will be locked, displaying the message: “You can not update now. The news service is not allowed in your current region. ” China is the market where Apple has more expectations but unfortunately it is controlled by a government that controls the entire information and media.

The real problem for Apple is that the Chinese government exercises total control over information and media. If China is the new Eldorado of Apple, it must respect the rules of the country if it does not want to antagonize the government. China has become the second largest market for Apple, where its phones and tablets experiencing significant commercial success. It is not therefore no plans for the moment that any change is possible for app News in China.

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