Apple to develop a digital TV guide for Apple TV?


Apple Tv Guide

Apple is working to create a digital TV guide for iOS and tvOS in partnership with Cable provider. According to reports by Recode, is working to establish a tv guide for iOS and Apple TV to allow users to inquire easily and intuitively on the broadcasters’ programming.

Apple would have to work hand in hand with the video provider and the broadcasters, to create a universal TV guide for Apple TV and other iDevice. The objective of Cupertino would be to help users know everything about the available content, without having to open individual applications such as Netflix or ESPN for example. This digital guide would include a very interesting feature, allowing the user to view the desired content with a simple click.

Apple already has access to television information via the Siri search commands, but this is not enough and that’s why the company wants to go a step further, working closely with providers. There are no information about the graphical interface that would be used, but apparently the operation would be similar to that of the App Store, with a series of recommendations provided according to the user’s taste.

We do not know much about the app, nor about whether it will be available outside the United States or not.

(Source: Recode)

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