Apple to develop a Pandora-like music streaming service


Apple is working by itself streaming track carrier , if you want to most probably compete with Pandora Web Radio. So says The Wall Street Journal, which relies on knowledgeable sources. A little later The New York Times joined the rumor: they quote three people briefed about Apple's plans. The service will probably be offered through an app and works on all Apple products, including Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Possibly it also works on Windows PCs. In any case, it is linked to your iTunes Store account and makes using the Genius feature in iTunes. Apple has recently begun talks with record labels. It can therefore take months before a Spotify-like service available, say the sources of WSJ. During the presentation on September 12, we will probably hear nothing about it.

A Spotify-like service is something Apple has already been considered. Users would thereb
y get an unlimited amount of music to rent for a flat monthly fee. This time, however, the plans are more serious. When listening to music, you will hear advertisements, like Pandora. Apple did, however, come from the iAd platform. Pandora has to do with rates that are established by the government, while Apple is planning to self-licensing agreements with music companies to close. That could mean that streaming music is free to listen and fully funded by advertising. As the Wall Street Journal thinks the New York Times that the introduction of the music sometimes months can wait.

In practice, the service might look like a pre-installed app on iPhone and iPad. Based on your iTunes account examines what your taste in music is. You will then hear music that fits your alley.


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