Apple to discontinue production of iPhone 5c



Today, the Taiwanese newspaper Industrial and Commercial Times published information. concerning the iPhone 5c, which states that Apple is planning on discontinuing production of single colorful smartphones in the middle of next year.

Newspaper refers to its sources in Wistron and Foxconn. In forming the work plan and budget calculation for the next year manufacturer’s suggested to take into account the fact that in mid-2015 release of components for iPhone 5c and, accordingly, the production of finished products will be discontinued.

The cheapest today iPhone model came out last year at the same time with the iPhone 5s, surpassing the outdated “five”. Bright colors seamless plastic body become the hallmark of young hipsters, but updates in this year they did not receive. Now it is reported that iPhone 5s generally sink into oblivion.

It does not appear that Apple reconsider launch a similar terminal watching the little success that has had the iPhone 5c, so an iPhone or an iPhone 6c 6c Plus it seems like something very unlikely, at least under present conditions which launched an unsuccessful model of the past generation. If Apple would balance the price with the performance of the terminal and put it in comparison with other models, perhaps the market responded positively, but this will take the brand to take the risk of losing the identity of “branding” that was ascribed to the launch of the iPhone 5c.

Moreover, even with such a modest price selling it on the first day did not justify the expectations of Apple. Actually, the closure of a project entitled “iPhone 5c” was inevitable, and was only a matter of time before it happens.

The truth is that this phone except in very specific markets has not been one that has worked best in terms of sales. The truth is that this is not a model of poor quality, or anything, but was expected of him that was an option for the midrange market and its final price at first he did not oblige, so the striking appearance color has not been enough to keep the product range. Indeed, it appears that the iPhone 4S suffer the same fate as announced by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities analyst.[via MacRumors]

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