The Cupertino company has undoubtedly marked a before and after in the identity of the company, starting with the minimalist frames and ending by saying a hurried goodbye to the Home button with their Touch ID on duty. However … how long will the life of the iPhone X last?

Analysts expect it to be very short, and that is directly aimed at Apple will take it out of the catalog when the new units are presented this year in the 2018 Keynote. This would not be the first time that Apple gives a design just a year of life, for obvious reasons, the iPhone X has more experiment and return to the principles of the company than pure market element .

Apparently the company plans to lower prices at a stroke of the pen, and to do so it has to leave behind, far behind, the high price of the iPhone X that is far above the current market. Especially after knowing that contrary to what you can imagine, Samsung plans to lower the price of the Galaxy S9 that presumably would be presented during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to be held in February this year. This is how it will launch three units with sizes different devices that continue with the lines of design of the iPhone, one of 6.1 inches of around $899 while launching two versions of different size of what would be the second generation of the iPhone X.

These are the prices and the ranges of products that KGI could offer the Cupertino company as of September 2018.

iPhone SE: $350

• iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: $450 and $569

• iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: $550 and $669

• 6.1 “iPhone with Face ID: $650 or $750

• 5.8 “Second Gen iPhone X: $999

• 6.5 “Second Gen iPhone X Plus: $1099

That they are not cheap is true, but seeing the current products, I have to say that the idea of ​​making an iPhone 6.1 with an LCD panel, for a price around $700 is extremely attractive.

(Via: MacRumors)

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