Apple to drop Intel processors in 2017



There are today again rumors came out that Apple in the future will say of the Intel CPUs in favor of their own chip design, reports Bloomberg: Apple  to drop Intel processors in 2017. The news comes not as a complete surprise, because last year were the same reports that Apple was considering to switch from Intel to ARM processors for Macs.

Earlier this year Apple introduced their own Apple A6 ARM processor currently used for the iPhone 5 and the fourth-generation iPad. The idea behind the plan is that these processors in the future will be powerful enough to use them for desktop and laptop’s.

Apple Inc. is exploring ways to replace Intel Corp. processors in its Mac personal computers with a version of the chip technology it uses in the iPhone and iPad, according to people familiar with the company’s research.

In recent years, Apple has also taken different companies that specialize in developing and producing chips. Apple took in 2008 on chip designer PA Semi for $ 278 million, ARM specialist in 2010.

The move from Intel to ARM-based processors will still take quite a time coming, and it is not realistic to think that Apple next year will change. Several engineers also left to Bloomberg that mobile devices and PCs becoming more features and functions to share, your own design for a company like Apple is therefore inevitable.

It will also be a big blow to Intel, which currently has been difficult due to the increasing sales of tablets and the disappointing sales of desktop and laptop’s.


I in my view see an ARM-primarily based Mac on notebooks, who would now not need 24 hours with the battery with out the Mac to cost. Within the house of efficiency will then again nonetheless loads to be discovered. However evidently, in up to date years it has grow to be that the hole is slowly being closed.

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