Apple to fight Microsoft Office with special cloud based version of iWork suite for iPad?



Apple is allegedly working with a team of VMware to produce a cloud based hosting version of its new iWork software suite app for the iPad which includes numbers, keynote & pages and also wants pages to be seen as an alternate for ms-word, numbers as an alternate for ms-excel and keynote as an alternate for ms power point.

The iWork app is thought to integrate VMware’s view virtual desktop application with cloud hosting based version of keynote, pages & numbers, will be executed on Apple’s servers. The service will be separate from Apple icloud server, which presently hosts documents in cloud file services between OS X and iOS based devices.

iWork has been mainly aimed at customers since Apple its launch in year 2005, but reportedly Microsoft is preparing to launch an Apple iOS edition of Office application next March; Apple is developing iWork software suit for businesses to challenge Microsoft’s ms-office application, source by CRN.

The rumored is that iWork might be a central core for business consumers. VMware Horizon Application Manager tool, described as an application store for enterprise business. 
Apple plans to apply the task, although it could possibly be friendly with hardware using Windows Operating system. VMware’s contributions, with Virtual View, as well as the alleged iWork suite’s position on non iCloud based servers.

The solution could first appear before Microsoft’s projected Apple iOS version of ms-office within the 0.33 month of 2013.


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