Apple error 1970

Apple error 1970

Apple has now officially confirmed the existence error January 1, 1970 has been officially confirmed by Apple. On the official stand on this issue on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, an update its operating system will correct this error but does not explain how you can solve.

But unfortunately for those affected, resulting it is that the terminal after being restarted, can not re-ignite and unusable. The company has already announced that it will bring an update to correct the problem. At first it did not seem too serious about the flaw, since no one is going to set a date other than the current and considering it can bricking your device, but it is concerning.

A few hours later, as usual, and there was a tweak available in Cydia that fixed this bug that prevented to turn the iPhone to an expensive brick device. The tweak is called early onset BrickingDate and made us think that the problem of the date does not have a difficult solution.

Apple’s response has occurred just four days after this bug is known. Clearly, if a problem has already affected us, any time is too late, but it is also true that Apple, as usual, has responded quickly. It seems that iOS 9.3 will be released by the Air iPad 3 and iPhone 5SE, making it likely that anytime iOS 9.2.2 is released only to correct this date.(Source: Apple)

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