Apple has put online a new job, which they declare to be looking for a software engineer who go to work in the team of AuthenTec fingerprint. This company took Apple last year for $ 356 million. AuthenTec has an office in Melbourne, Florida and is the only job for this location. It is specialized applications for authentication worked.

The rumors of a fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 Set up speed again. Apple has switched to a new job advertisement that revealed juicy details about the development of a so-called “LabTools”.

AppleInsider has just found a job ad from the California company in which Apple looking for an engineer who is working on a software named “LabTool”. This service will work with sensors in the hardware. A job is specified, the Baffling. In a mysterious “Melbourne Design Center” gets the job, the new employee. Never before Apple was looking for this warehouse keepers.

Melbourne, Florida is considered by various NASA and military locations, as a booming high-tech region. Also, the company Authentec, which was itself produces fingerprint sensors and acquired in June 2012 from Apple, is found in this area. Most likely, therefore, that the design center is associated with Authentec.

The next employee is projected by the job advertisement create the basic firmware for a finger scan and eighth inter alia on safety. Experience in this area are provided.

Several analysts predicted last a fingerprint scan next iPhone 5S, which is installed in the home button. Back in December, we discussed about the technology and the comfort and safety.

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