This is the news that we find it difficult to imagine the common mortal that we must be accountable every day to reach the end of the month: are we really able to imagine what it would mean to have a trillion dollars? Perhaps the figure, so said, does not impact as much as if we say billions of dollars; Or if we place all zeros: $100 billion. It is so much money that we would not know what to spend it and is precisely the figure that Apple could reach in mid-2017 thanks to the revenue originated by iOS.

Last year, some analysts dared to predict that Amazon or Alphabet could beat Apple in a curious race to become the first trillion-dollar company. However Horace Dediu, of Asymco, has issued a new report in which he says that in 2017 Apple will exceed that mark of the trillion dollars in terms of income generated by iOS.

Before continuing, a clarification: Americans speak of “trillion” however, with that they are referring to what we know as trillion. That is, the American trillion is the Spanish trillion: billions.

To clarify this aspect, we can continue with the report of Horace Dediu who states that, in its tenth anniversary, the iPhone will have sold at least 1.2 billion units, becoming the “most successful product of all time” that has also originated To other product categories such as the iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Apple Watch.


Dediu explains that if current predictions are true, revenue from sales of iOS products will reach $980 billion by the middle of this year. Hardware, however, is not the only revenue stream that reaches Apple’s bank account since iOS. In addition to hardware sales, Apple has also contributed more than $100 billion in sales of services, including applications, subscriptions to iCloud or Apple Music, or sales of audio-visual products Thus, Apple will cross the billion dollar mark this year.

Crossing the trillion dollar mark in terms of revenue from iOS is a great achievement for Apple that adds to other notable milestones of the company. Last year it surpassed the 1,000 million iPhone barrier sold, in addition to the 1 billion total devices, including iOS devices, Mac and Apple TV.

The analyst has not only been able to contribute this astronomical income figures, but also has launched to throw other data that, at least, are very interesting. For example, it notes that every year 17.5 billion sessions on iPhone devices start, which means an average of 48,000 million sessions each day. Thus, in the world there are at least 600 million active devices, and each of these iOS devices is unlocked at least 80 times a day.

Dediu has also explained the reasons why Apple resists the passage of time in front of all those “iPhone killer”. A closed ecosystem, coupled with the characteristics of the iPhone and its reputation as a premium smartphone, are the key to success according to Dediu.

(Source: Asymco)

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