iphoneRetina display in the Apple iPhone 5s  smartphone is considered one of the most advanced in the industry. Apple CEO believes that the company is the best smartphone screen and OLED-displays used in Android- devices , have many drawbacks , including high power consumption and unnatural colors . And soon to the iPhone and iPad screens may be even better , thanks to quantum dots .

Patent and Trademark United States announced four new patent applications on the Apple technology that describe the introduction of a so -called ” quantum dots » (QDs) in the displays of mobile devices. The patents describe methods and techniques for implementing this technology.

Quantum dots represent nanocrystals made ​​of different semiconductor materials capable of ( inter alia ) to emit light at a very specific wavelengths . As they say at Apple, they provide unrivaled color accuracy , brightness and lower power consumption .


In the patent application describes a technique for the introduction of Apple displays in quantum dots , working in RGB- range. According to the manufacturer , without quantum dots screens capable of displaying color blue shades with record accuracy and low power consumption , but they can not say the same in the case of green and red color range . Introduction of quantum dots raises efficiency throughout RGB- range.


Does Apple have time to implement its plans in the coming iPhone 6 is still unknown , but one of the future versions of smartphones and tablets could definitely get a display based on a unique technology .

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