This is news that comes to us in the form of a rumor from KGI with its main analyst Ming-Chi Kuo . In the report of the analyst explained that the AirPods will obtain twice as many shipments in 2018 as they have achieved during the year 2017.

Nor can we say that we are surprised by these predictions and if we take into consideration the spectacular reception that these wireless headphones from Apple have had. It is also good to say that the figures obtained this year have been somewhat lower due to the lack of stock, but once this become steady, the sales have been really good.

Anyway what is expected for next year is better than this year and once the first reports of KGI arrive on shipments for 2018 of AirPods, we realize that it is a product that will not stop growing in sales at least in the future.

To all this we must add that it is possible for Apple to add to the transport box and load the wireless charge itself as we showed in the Keynote of the iPhone this year, so we are sure that this will motivate more people to launch the purchase of these great headphones.

(Via: 9to5Mac)

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