We are getting closer to September, and like every year, rumors about the next iPhone they appear. This time is 9to5Mac assures us that the next iPhone will increase its storage capacity according to different movements that are occurring in Korea between Samsung and Apple.

KoreaTimes media ensures that Apple is in talks with Samsung to be the supplier of the memories of the next iPhone. Samsung is currently no charge, but if this is the next manufacturer of memory chips Apple’s next iPhone could have up to 2556 GB. So that iPhone would 6s 16, 128 and 256 GB. So, what would be the storage in the next iPhone?

The success of iPhone 64GB 32GB logicians -saltando has encouraged Apple to create a bigger leap, which would mean that the range would remain so:

  • iPhone 6s 16GB: The entry model would remain 16GB, Apple says it’s enough to save on costs and taking online subscriptions should not have storage problems.
  • iPhone 6s 128GB: The second model would have 128 GB, more than enough to store all your photo library and music as well as movies and time series.
  • iPhone 6s 256 GB: I really would not have much content to fill these 256 GB, so perhaps it would be ideal for iPad Pro course would need a lot more power and memory.

With this new range of iPhone possibility would be somewhat misplaced, because Apple would remain the only manufacturer to offer as low as 16 GB storage for high-end phone. In addition there is no possibility to expand if not opting for something higher. On the other hand the 256 GB would mean a significant leap placing the iPhone as one of the terminals market with more memory. Maybe go for once on par with other manufacturers and trends would not be a bad idea.

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