Six months have passed since, Apple acquired Beats and its streaming music service. During this time, repeatedly appeared information about the plans for the integration of Beats Music in iOS, but according to the latest data, the mobile operating system Apple integration service will not be limited.

In Apple intends to deeply integrate Beats Music in its own software ecosystem. In particular, the service will appear in the devices based on iOS, Apple TV and in mediakombayn iTunes. This means the appearance Beats Music on OS X.

Together with the integration will be recycled and service opportunities. Beats Music – this cloud streaming music service, and therefore any music search will be based on data from the user library. Any composition can be found in the memory store of the mobile device and iTunes for later listening. Thus remains the ability to store music in the cloud. At the same time will be saved and popular features that exist in Beats Music, including playlists, music mixes and many others.


Another surprise is to add to the Beats Music social functions. Users will be able to subscribe to each other, as well as popular artists. This step looks surprising since before that Apple was very sad experience to create a social networking service is an example of Ping.

As for the interface, Apple completely get rid of the trademark black and red hues in the design of Beats Music and replace their own, more familiar to users of flowers. The service will be organically look like a part of iTunes, and as part of iOS. Users Beats Music allows you to combine your account with Apple ID, moving with all the library in the new service. It will be combined with your iTunes content in the cloud. In this case, iTunes Match, iTunes Radio and iTunes Store will continue to work in its current form.

Beats Music will continue to use the model of access on a subscription basis, although prices promise to be lower. At the moment, it is assumed monthly subscription cost of $ 7.99. It’s cheaper than using Spotify or Google Play Music.


Another important feature Beats Music will release the client for Android. Apple first offer the app for Android, which will be developed in-house. Even in 2013, Tim Cook said that there is nothing wrong with that Apple has released an application for Android, if it would make sense for the company. It seems that in 2015, like all the same to happen. In this version of the Windows Phone is not planned, although the original application Beats Music for this platform there.

Previously, it has been suggested that the updated Beats Music will be launched in March. However, it is clear that the work on the service will not be completed by that date. The most realistic date is now called the WWDC conference in June this year. One way or another, but Apple makes a serious bid on Beats Music in the further development of iTunes Store

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