Apple to Introduce 4G iPhone in April? [Update]


The KoreaTimes has heard that talks over gross sales volumes are underway and that KT is ready to promote the brand new gadgets to its larger native company purchasers as a "litmus check" in April. It plans to offer the brand new iPhones to native distributors in June.

"We don't see any larger hurdle to introduce 4G iPhones here, as legal issues were completely cleared. It’s possible to launch the devices within the first half," a high-ranking KT executive told The Korea Times, asking not to be identified.

"Still, there are some 3G iPhone stocks.
But KT and Apple have reached a broad consensus to introduce the advanced models as early as possible," according to the executive.

The 4G iPhones will reportedly be equipped with OLED screens, live video chat functionality, dual core processors, more powerful graphic chips, as well as higher video resolutions and better "still" images. A removable battery is also highly likely. 

If this report is accurate, Apple may be trying to counter the rush of new smartphones such as the Google Nexus One device.



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