As the web continues to seep insides of a new generation of smart phones Apple. Another portion of the informal market data shared expert Chiang San Xu , who once gave an accurate prediction on the phone Google X.

According to the analyst , test production of iPhone 6 will be held in February 2014 . The device will be equipped with a large 4.7 -inch display , but with the same resolution that the iPhone 5s – 1136 x 640 pixels. Mass production of new items planned for May , and the presentation of the gadget will be held in the first month of summer at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2014 ) .

Apple will unveil the autumn the second model , probably , iPhone Air. The device will be equipped with an even larger screen with a diagonal of 5.7-inch and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels . On the exit of the U.S. corporation on the market reported repeatedly .

Previously, the scheme with the release of two big iPhone reported Bloomberg. According to the newspaper , the new Apple smartphone will be quite easy to use with one hand – due to the curved shape of the screen and ultra-thin frames . This will allow us to position the device , which can be operated with one hand .

Apple in 2012 only increased the iPhone screen to 4-inch . It was the first significant change in the size of the smartphone since its launch in 2007 . Transition to large panels , apparently dictated by the fact that communicators with such displays are becoming increasingly popular .

Observers believe that the refusal to release a smartphone strategy a year is a reasonable solution dictated by Apple and stiff competition from manufacturers of Android-devices.

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