Apple To Launch 10.5-Inch iPad Pro Next Year



For a while now, it seems that Apple wants to change the way the iPad is used. It all started with the launch of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, a device with the  Apple Pencil has become almost indispensable for many users, especially those dedicated to drawing, architecture, graphic design … but not only this niche market, but there are many users who have started to replace their usual laptop because it allows us to make virtually almost any function that a computer unless the user needs to use specific applications that can never be found in the iOS ecosystem.

Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the kings of rumors, through his contacts with production lines which claims. Kuo has been one of the analysts of a time now modifies the predictions you make, losing much of the credibility it had gained so far. The latest statements of this analyst claim that Apple could launch a new iPad 10.5 inches, a size that would surely make the classic model 9.7-inch iPad disappear from the market. Or perhaps the Mini model that disappear from the market? Next year we will leave doubts.

According to Kuo, Apple will launch in 2017 three models of iPad: one of 12.9-inch, another of 9.7-inch and a new size of 10.5-inch. It also ensures that launch of the new iPad screen size is not intended for sales of this device but wants to focus it grow to several niche markets, such as education and trade. If these are the intentions finally Apple is unlikely that the next Apple keynote to present a new model of iPad or renewal of any of the existing models on the market.

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