After the launch of the new iPhone X, the question now is: when will an iPad with no Home button be released ?. Apple has always been specialized by bringing technological advances first to the iPhone, its flagship product. So it happened with the Touch ID, for example, and the iPhone with a new design, as well as other features such as the Face ID or the absence of Home button.

According to Bloomberg, the new iPad with an iPhone X style design will arrive in 2018, and will be from the Pro range. Apple plans to do without the start button and add the famous (though not all dear) “eyebrow” part superior, with which we would have an iPad just without frames. It would be the first major design change since 2015, when the iPad Pro debuted with its new size.

This new iPad Pro would have many similar features to the iPhone X, but not the screen, which would remain LCD. The fact that only Samsung offers enough guarantees to manufacture quality OLED screens, the technical difficulties that this type of screen represents in the size of the iPad and also compatible with the Apple Pencil, and the price of them would be the main impediments for this change will arrive in 2018.

In addition to the design change and the new features of the iPad Pro, Bloomberg also adds that there will be a new Apple Pencil, as well as new tools for its use. At this point we do not know if this Apple Pencil will work with previous iPads, or if the current pen will work with the iPad Pro 2018. When would we see this new tablet? According to the same sources, it will be after the summer of 2018, probably in September. The current iPad Pro was introduced in June of this year, so it would be more than a year until next.

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