A number of frustrated MacBook Pro 2011-2013 users may soon have their devices repaired free of charge, Apple is about the issues and also qualified older devices now repaired free of charge. Of course, only under certain conditions, user errors excluded.

Symptoms of GPU issues  have a distorted image signal is not output on the internal or an external monitor as well as unexpected reboots and kernel panics. Affected now get help and to check their support status on the website.

The affected products this special issue include:


On the Apple support site you can enter your hardware serial number and check just to be sure repairs are covered by the new measures. In the United States it is therefore already going on in other countries, including Germany, it starts in a week, on February 27.

The 2011 MacBook Pro GPU problems are known since the start of the first affected devices and October 2014 were even grounds for a class action lawsuit against Apple users affected. Last year, in the fall Apple launched a repair program for iMacs with similar AMD GPUs.

Why now?

The question is, why even rMBPs were affected with NVIDIA GPUs, who will now face the blame for the problems? Apple has also messed with the design / production somewhat, which led to the above symptoms? GPUs in notebooks are not a new problem factor, though hakelig due to space limitations and thermal problems resulting therefrom. An established manufacturer you dare actually the masterful use to it.

This program started today and is relief for some users who have been suffering facing issues with their Macbooks, , Apple will be extended to other countries starting February 27. You can use Apple website to be sure whether your computer still under warranty in order to be eligible.

If you already paid for a repair,  these problems should also contact Apple for a refund or partial refund of the cost by the way.

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