Apple to launch iPad Pro Smart Keyboard with a built-in trackpad


Apple is planning to launch a new iPad keyboard, unlike the variants that are currently on the market, may have a trackpad, reports The Information

According to the source, the new keyboard will launch simultaneously with a new version of the iPad Pro. The arrival of a trackpad on an external iPad keyboard would mean another step from Apple. This next step is to make the iPad even more user-friendly in terms of productivity. This also increases the similarities with a normal laptop.

iPadOS currently supports a mouse, but that is an extension of the iPad’s AssistiveTouch technology. The user must manually activate the support via the settings. And when you’ve already done that, you’ll have to do without the traditional cursor. It is a large round circle with a dot in the middle. In that respect, there is little motivation from Apple to let the user use a mouse.

If the company chooses to market a keyboard with a trackpad, that is a different story. It might just be possible that Apple will support the use of a mouse in the area of ​​software.

It is, therefore, no surprise that we can expect a new update around the operating system. But should Apple market a keyboard with a built-in trackpad?

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