Rumors about upcoming updates every day more and more. Less than a day from the time it became known that the Apple iPhone mini fans to be seen only in the following 2014, as there was another piece of fresh information: iPhone 5S and iPhone mini will appear in the August / September 2013. Why is the anticipated release date is constantly changing, what has caused a new hypothesis put forward by the sources, we will understand.

Less than a day has passed, we learned that the cheapest mini smartphone polycarbonate is expected only in 2014. And those who, in fact, waiting for the appearance on the market of budget options have accepted and got used to the idea, as new sources again raised hopes for the release of two new products, together with an updated Five this year.

At one of the Chinese news sites spread information of analysts from Barclays Capital, including the Kirk Yang, according to which the two new items to wait for the August / September 2013. One of the partners of producers called Foxconn. Rumored manufacturer Foxconn has already received orders for production and release as iPhone mini, and iPhone 5S. Another partner, the company Pegatron, the list of manufacturers iPhone 5S is not specified.

In particular the report that in addition to all the rumors about an updated five data appeared to indicate that the iPhone 5S will support all global networks, including Russian LTE – network and China Mobile, which the current top five is not yet osilivaet. At the moment, the iPhone 5 is available in different versions with unique LTE-frequencies. Assist in the development of LTE-chipsets will manufacturer company Qualcomm, which is not the first day has been developing in this direction. If we talk about the cheap version of the smartphone, iPhone mini, from this point of view, these characteristics have gadget until that offers Qualcomm, but compatibility with LTE-networks will be.


Smartly, now we all know what that you can and put together your self for that tune. We hope that this rumor carousel ever been stopped and iPhone 5S with iPhone mini does now not have to attend lengthy!

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