Apple to Launch Siri TV By 2013


Steve Jobs’ ultimate mission used to be an iOS-powered Apple HDTV. He was once struggling, together with lots of Apple’s very best engineers, to give you a brand new design interface that will eclipse his far off-managed competitors. In keeping with a piece of writing with the aid of the New York Instances, Steve Jobs could have ultimately discovered the revolution he was once searching for in Siri, the AI assistant that launched in iOS 5 with the iPhone 4S.


Siri is capable of understanding context much better than its predecessors, making it perhaps the first popular voice-assistant AI. And it’s in Siri that Jobs believed the most natural interface to controlling your television lay. Instead of messing around with physical hardware like a wireless keyboard and mouse, or even using your iPod or iPad as a touch-sensitive remote, you could just talk to your computer.

The New York Times article quotes Apple employees as saying that an Apple-produced television is ‘guaranteed… Steve thinks the industry is totally broken.’
While Apple released the Apple TV in 2007, it was only an interface to stream iTunes media rather than a complete TV experience. This latest version is reportedly the real deal, including all aspects of a normal HDTV with a slick Apple interface.

Apple is reportedly waiting for the price large display panels to fall before it begins developing the technology more heavily. While FaceTime and iCloud are natural inclusions, building something in a new category for your company always takes more time, and Apple are notorious for spending the time to get it right.

It’d be worth it, too — a recent report by Barclays indicated that if Apple captured just 5% of the US market with their television set, Apple would generate an extra $19 billion in revenue a year.
If the article’s sources are to be believed, then the Apple TV is just a matter of time. If the author’s predictions are correct, then Apple could announce the new product by the end of next year, and launch it by 2013. And wouldn’t that be cool.

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