There have been many and varied rumors about an iPhone 6c with polycarbonate shell that would update the iPhone 5c, but the latest rumors claimed that we will not see a model made of plastic material during 2015. The latest information claimed that the iPhone 6c It was eventually delayed until 2016, but Apple itself that had arisen at the time launch in 2015. In the end, the Cupertino would have thought it’s silly produce a cheaper model to cannibalize sales of the iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus.

All this has a new opinion. The last to say something about the iPhone 6c is Evan Blass. Sure the name will not say anything, but maybe I will if I tell which manages the Twitter account (among others)evleaks. Evan was much leaking information in different media, highlighting time between photos from devices that had not yet gone on sale. In short, Evan Blass is someone who knows people who can provide you some information about all kinds of technological devices.

Evan has written the previous tweet and is running like wildfire on twitter and lots of blogs about Apple in general. Everyone reminisces ofevleaks twitter account and although now says he is a freelance editor and leaks are a thing of the past, their statements are taken seriously.

Rumors say the iPhone 6c will be a 4-inch iPhone with most iPhone 5s hardware such as the processor, camera, Touch ID and RAM. It is unlikely that the cheapest iPhone 6 model also comes with NFC chip barometer and OIS but in the case of Apple, we should never say never.

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