Apple plans to launch a program to receive older models of iPhone smartphones as payment in their new retail stores outside of the U.S. and the UK. In the near future this feature may appear buyers in Canada.

Apple has launched a trade-in program in the United States in late August last year, in October, it began to operate in the UK Apple Store. Old enough to bring the iPhone to the store employee and appreciate its value. As a result, the corresponding amount will be credited to the gift card , which can be paid for the purchase of a new smartphone . For example, for a 16-gGB version of the iPhone 5 in good condition , you can get about $250. Cash out on such a card can not . At the same time , under the terms of the program , new devices must be “tied” to the mobile network operator and activated on the spot.

As it became known , Apple has begun preparation of training materials for the trade-in program for employees of 29 stores Apple Store in Canada. According to some, the opportunity to exchange the old iPhone to the new surcharge will appear at the Canadian buyers in the coming months .

According to rumors , Apple is planning to launch a scheme to trade-in their own stores in other countries , but over time the company has not yet decided . Note that similar program to replace old iPhone to the new exist in American and European retailers and operators – for example , Best Buy, Verizon Wireless and AT&T .

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